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unknownGael was born in Scotland and went on her first journey, as an infant, from the United Kingdom to Canada on the Queen Mary liner. This was to be the first of many journeys to come. When she was three years old she moved to Africa with her family. It was here that she learned that Africans referred to a “journey” as a “safari.” Somehow the family adopted “safari” for every trip, as it built anticipation for an exciting adventure!

The earliest safaris took the family along the strip roads of Northern and Southern Rhodesia (Now Zambia and Zimbabwe) where there were many close encounters with wild elephants, buck, birds, crocodiles, rhinos and people! To this day every member of Gael’s family continue to call their trips “safaris.”

It was on one of these safari’s, to Mana Pools, that Gael introduced her young children and their cousins to the characters of the Masawani Game Park, to entertain them on their safari. The children enjoyed the stories immensely, especially when their ideas, were woven into the tale and time seemed to stand still. Gael’s sister, Lexie, thankful for both the peace and quiet of the distracted children and the memories the stories evoked, insisted that they be recorded!

Well here they are. It is the author’s hope that everyone who reads her stories will develop a curiosity and a respect for life and nature in other countries.

The Secret of The Candle Tree


About Nomondi’s Basket

The Secret of The Candle Tree is a story of a little tree waking up, deep in a North American Forest, by the voices of Angels talking excitedly about the birth of a special baby.

The little tree asks the Angels to take a message to the Baby and then waits for a response.

What readers are saying.

"My sister in law said that she loved the book. And my niece described the book to me in detail!" - Gerald W.

"Thank You so much, I absolutely love your book. I'll definitely be reading it to all of my 16 grand children." - Wendy F.

"Dad read us your book about the Candle Tree, we loved it, especially at the end when all the lights turned on, on Nathaniel's costume!" - K & M

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The Maselloane Rattle


The Maselloane Rattle

The Maselloane Rattle is dedicated to our beautiful planet, Umama Umphansi, with thanks to her for all the gifts she gives us.

Words from Gael Whelan:

This book was written for my oldest nephew, Neil, who is an intrepid photographer and has the ability to keep me in good humour whenever he is around. For this I thank him!

In an attempt to steal the magic rattle of the African Zunu tribe, a young girl, Tembo, is kidnapped. While fear spreads among the local citizens, one young boy, Jonathan, attempts to rescue his friend with the help of his Father and her Grandfather.

Held captive in the Circle of White stones and guarded by a cobra, can Jonathan and his animal friends come to Tembos rescue?

This is an adventure tale for children and the young at heart!

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Pafinna's Prophecy


Pafinna's Prophecy

Pafinna's Prophecy is the second book in the series, Tales from the Masawani Game Park. It is dedicated to the Essence of Compassion rendered to those in need of help, by both humans and animals, in their own unique ways.

Words from Gael Whelan:

This story is written for my oldest niece Tracey, the first child to teach me how to be an aunty! What fun I had learning not only to be an aunty. Tracey also helped me in my writing endeavours...without her excellent skills who knows where I would have landed!

In an attempt to discover why the mourning dove had changed it's call, Tracey and her new friend Jonathan, stumble on a bigger problem! Two white lion cubs have been born and they are already on a death list! Because of rife superstition, the local people believe that albino animals are portends of death. The children round up a group of adults and set off on an adventure to save the lives of the cubs. Tracey, Jonathan and the Khoi San brothers work together with an Indigenous Australian man and members of the Masawani Game Park Team to counter the dire prophecy made by the late Sangoma Pafinna. It is up to all of them to save the cubs!

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Nomondi’s Basket


About Nomondi’s Basket

Nomondi’s Basket is the third adventure story in the series Tales from the Masawani Game Park.

This book is dedicated to our beautiful planet Earth!

“May we recognize that Mother Earth is a source of Life, not a resource.”
- Arvol Looking Horse

This story is written for my fearless niece Simone who boldly goes where angels fear to tread to right the wrongs of the world. I thank her for the inspiration she sends out to so many people.

The African “bush telegraph” is all a “twitter” at the disappearance of Nomondi. Night is almost upon them when the owls of the bush consent to search for her. With their aid, Nomondi is returned to her parents, at day break, following a harrowing ride on the back of in a pick up truck in a basket! However, she comes home with a strange object which will lead her into the middle of a more audacious adventure than the first!

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The Bear, the Boy and the Pipe


About The Bear, the Boy and the Pipe

The Bear, the Boy and the Pipe is the fourth adventure story in the series “Tales from the Masawani Game Park.”

This book is dedicated to the consciousness of water as described by the late Dr. Maseru Emoto in his books The Hidden Message in Water and The Secret Life of Water. As Dr. Emoto wrote, “Water has a memory and carries within it our thoughts and prayers. As you yourself are water, no matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world.”

May we all show our gratitude for the work that water does for our bodies and our planet!

This story is written for my serious nephew Matthew. Matthew’s belief in a loving creator, has taken him a long way in his life. He is always at the forefront of caring for citizens of this planet.
He is generous and amusing with a wry sense of humour. I am proud to be his aunt!

Matthew’s first trip to Canada starts off with a sighting of the mythical creature known in Canadian culture as a Sasquatch This sighting catapults Matthew into the next part of the adventure when he purchases a medicine pipe for his brother. Unbeknown to Matthew, the pipe is a recently discovered artefact of the Summer Indian Nation which has been stolen from an archeological dig. The missing artefact attracts public attention and soon he and his aunt are embroiled in the conflicting interest of good and evil.

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Happy Readers

“I loved the book and when I have children of my own, I shall read it to them every night at bedtime!”
Neil Coxall
“Where can I buy the sequel? I’ve learned so much about South African culture, thank you for writing the book!”
Alice See
“I must say that I really enjoyed your book. It’s an interesting plot, and well paced, accelerating at the end to a dramatic finish in which you allowed the Fat Man to escape which allows you to follow up with a sequel! It is interesting that you include both magic (the rattle) and telepathy in the same story…including both magic and telepathy have made the story very entertaining.”
Alan Chatterway

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